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Why is being associated with Brookside so beneficial? What does Brookside offer that other good laboratories do not?

These are questions I get often from those who are interested in Brookside. The consultants who have been around for years know of these benefits and realize their importance. There are 4 key areas that best describe these benefits. They are: the consultant network, complete laboratory services, low prices, and consultant involvement.


The network of consultants who openly share information with each other is invaluable. Consultants sharing information on how best to sell your services, make recommendations, sample, information on new products, setting up your company, charging for your services, the latest in field technology, etc. are always changing and very important to most consultants. Keeping abreast of how to keep your consulting on the cutting edge is very important and Consultants Associated with Brookside openly shares this information.

The laboratory services provided by the laboratory are second to none. Laboratory personnel cater to consultant needs and work to provide the fastest turn-around time found in the industry. Providing complete testing services makes Brookside unique also. Brookside is the only laboratory in the world offering complete agricultural/turf, environmental, accredited (ISO 17025) geotechnical testing and soil health testing services. The laboratory also participates in more proficiency programs than any other laboratory in the United States. These include: The North American Soil and Plant Testing Proficiency Program for soils, plants and waters [Brookside performs more types of soil tests in this proficiency program than any laboratory in North America], the Performance Assessment Program (PAP) for soils, the National Manure and Compost Proficiency Programs (MAP and CAP), and several individual state soil accreditation programs (Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota etc.). Brookside is the only US laboratory certified for soils and plant testing in Ontario Canada (OMAF-government nutrient testing plans). Brookside is one of only 8 laboratories world-wide accredited (ISO 17025) for geotech testing which is mandated by the USGA. Also, Brookside is multi-state certified for numerous environmental tests including metals, bacteria, and organics. The staff at the laboratory have been very involved in numerous scientific boards nationally and internationally related to laboratory testing (NAPT, NFTA, USGA, ASTM, SPAC). The laboratory takes pride in being one of the most, if not the most, automated laboratory in the United States, which keeps costs per test at a minimum. The laboratory is always helping consultants set up new cutting edge testing/field methods (soil health testing etc.) that, in turn, keep consultants on top of the ever changing testing world. The laboratory does not waste time on performing any bogus or less proven tests which only decrease a consultant’s effectiveness in the field. The laboratory management also provides technical assistance to consultants, helping them better receive and store important data. The laboratory also assists consultants in technology by having John McGuire available to those who must keep on top of the ever changing field of technology. The laboratory also subsidizes part of any costs to consultants for John’s assistance.

Providing complete state of the art analytical testing with the quickest service is one of many company goals!

Consultant involvement within the company has been key in the development of 65 years of great success. While the laboratory focuses on providing consultants and universities with efficient, accurate testing at the best costs, consultants within Brookside provide many services which strengthen the organization. Consultants assist in training new consultants and serve as mentors helping new consultants build their companies. The majority of stock of the corporation is owned by consultants. The present leadership of the corporation (board of directors) is made up of 9 consultants. Various committees (new consultants, ethics, conference planning, etc.) which deal with most of the consultant needs within the organization, are all made up of consultants. Consultants assisting fellow consultants to achieving success are what make Brookside unique.

While no company can claim to be perfect Brookside has to be considered very blessed and has been very successful. A corporation made up of a superior laboratory working together with independent professional consultants, makes this corporation very strong.

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