Mission/Vision/Core Values


OUR MISSION - who we are, what we do
Amplify exists to create agronomic solutions that produce sustainable outcomes and positively impact life via our connected network.


OUR VISION - what we aspire to be
Building community around agronomic data, technology and consultation; creating local opportunity, growth, and impacting every country around the world.


OUR CORE VALUES - how we do it
SERVICE ORIENTED - Our success is our customer's success.  Go a step further for the clients who rely on you.

SOLUTION ENGINEERS SOLVING WITH INNOVATION - When you know a client needs your expertise, provide it.

FUTURE ALERT - Seeing what's next and moving to create new success.

EXTREME OWNERSHIP - Mistakes are part of life; we own them, and we are part of the solution.

INTEGRITY FOUNDED - You are only as good as your last action.

COHESIVE TEAMWORK - Climb the mountain one step at a time and rely on others to go with you.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - Be who others trust, set the example, live the example.

POWER OF TOGETHER - A community alive with depth and infectious with a feeling of family, creating trusted relationships, helping develop its members and partners, and knowing the name on the front is just as important as the name on the back.



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