Employee Retirement - Tina Burd

Christine (Tina) Burd has been employed with Brookside Laboratories for nearly 23 years! Tina has decided to retire. Tina started in the Feeds Lab as a part-time employee back in 1998 helping out with a large corn stalk nitrate project we did for Monsanto.  Once that project was completed, Brookside decided to keep Tina on and make her a full-time employee in March of 1999.  Her duties at that time were analyzing proteins by TKN digestion and running the nitrogen analyzers.  She has taken such good care of those two analyzers, that we still use them today.  Tina eventually analyzed all the ag samples on the ICP.  She is one of only a few who still remember manually lighting the old ICP, which could be an interesting experience.  With the addition of more carbon and nitrogen analyzers, Tina’s main responsibility for the last few years has been to operate and maintain those instruments. During retirement, Tina plans to spend more time gardening and spending more time in the Caribbean Island of Aruba Tina has been an exceptional employee and will be truly missed. We have appreciated all of Tina’s hard work and dedication! We are happy for her and her future endeavors throughout her retirement! ! Happy retirement Tina! 

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