Irrigation Water Analysis

Brookside offers an array of water test packages for various needs. Understanding the minerals content, saltiness, and types of salts, of any irrigation water is critical. This is especially true today where effluent waters must be used for irrigation in many turf and crop areas. Many crops cannot tolerate any significant salts in waters. Brookside offers 2 test packages for irrigation waters. The most popular is the complete W004 irrigation water test package. This W004 test package includes: pH, Hardness, Conductivity, SAR, Adj. SAR, pHc, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Fe, CO3, HCO3, Cl, S as S04, and B.

Brookside also offers standard water testing for clients who use water for animal consumption. Water quality is a critical requirement for livestock. The analysis can be used to determine if the nutrients within the water are going to have detrimental effects on the livestock. Brookside’s complete livestock water test package is the W003 which includes: pH, Hardness, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Fe, C03, HCO3, Cl, Ca, Mg.

Brookside performs water analysis using EPA and standard methods.


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